Migrant Labor Registration Becomes crowded in Eranakulam | Guest worker registration in Ernakulam overrun restrictions



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Ernakulam: Registration of guest workers in violation of regulations has been increasing as the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise daily in the state. The mob became a hub for collecting the names and names of those returning home from Ernakulam. A group of guest workers arrived in violation of the social discrimination rules at the Sree Moolanagaram Marambilly Gram Panchayat Hall.

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Three such registration camps were functioning under the Perumbavoor Police Station in the district. In all camps, no restrictions were placed on guest workers for registration. Perumbavoor is also home to the largest number of guest workers in the state.


Authorities testify that they were among those who did not wear the mask and arrived as babies. At the counter, there were only three officers to check the records.

The shortage of staff has led to increased congestion in the centers. There are around 3,000 people crowded here. Two policemen were deployed here to monitor the situation. Reports say that they were often forced to chase workers. All three camps are functioning under the purview of the Perumbavoor tahsildar.

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