Meteorologists have discovered the corona shape of hailstones, correcting those who feared the end of the world.


The world has been living in fear of the corona virus for months. What is shocking the world right now is the hailstorm in Mexico. They are not the usual hail. The corona-shaped hailstones hit Mexico. With the pictures of hail going viral on social media, there is much debate.

The phenomenon occurred in the city of Montemorelos. The coronavirus particles are also found in spherical shape with spines. The phenomenon of the corona outbreak has worried people. Some people find that they are delivering an unknown message through the form of hail. But weather forecasters have dismissed all such speculations.

They say it has nothing to do with the corona and is a fairly common phenomenon. The ice sheets are shaped like spheres in strong winds. Later, more ice is added to it. Jos മി Miguel Vinas, a consultant with the World Meteorological Organization, said the hailstones were so large that they collided with each other in strong winds and lost their outer ice.

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