Messi Decided to Leave Barcelona: This is the reason behind Messi’s decision to leave Barcelona !! – messi considered leaving barcelona in 2017



  • Messi has taken action following a severe tax evasion in Spain
  • He plans to stay at Barca until his career is over
  • Sentenced to 21 months in prison and fined

Lionel at Barcelona FC Messi’s broken records are not accounted for. Messi is the club’s all-time great player and legend. The Barcelona team is still preparing for Messi. Despite this, Messi had planned to leave Barcelona in 2017. Messi has now revealed this.

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It was the misfortunes associated with the tax evasion that prompted Messi to consider leaving Spain. The Spanish government continued to water the Argentine superstar and his father. “I don’t want to leave the Barcelona club, but I was thinking of leaving Spain,” Messi said. Between 2007 and 2009, Messi and his father George made tax evasion of 4. 4.1 million.

The Spanish government succeeded. The first was the department, which had to serve 21 months in prison. However, Messi and his father saved the timber by fining a quarter of a million euros. Messi was disappointed in the incident. The superstar was in pain as the allegations and the case went against him and his family. Messi was seriously contemplating leaving Barcelona in 2017 after being disappointed. The decision was later reversed by Messi himself. Messi wants to stay at Barca until his career is over.

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