Messi comments on the fate of football in post-Coruna


All Liga champions are waiting for their return in June after they stopped due to an outbreak of Corona virus.

The attention of many turns to the star of the Argentine national team and Barcelona’s club, Lionel Messi, who will be on a date with a new challenge.

“Football is like life in general,” Messi said in comments to the newspaper “El Pais”, on Sunday. I think it will never remain the same after the end of the Corona virus crisis. According to “Erm News”.

“I feel very disappointed that people lost their family members and were unable to see them off during the Coruna period,” added the Argentine star.

“A lot of people saw their family and friends die. There can be nothing worse than losing the people you love.”

“We have left almost all of us in a state of doubt about what the world will be like after all that has happened,” added the Barcelona star.

“Far from home stone and the situation that surprised us, a lot of people faced a really difficult time because this situation affected them psychologically at times,” Messi said.

“The Corona pandemic affected me particularly, I think there are many negative things in this crisis, but there can be nothing worse than losing the people you love,” Messi added.

“Once the worst is over, it will be necessary to adapt to the new normal,” Messi concluded.

The Spanish League has announced that the remainder of the Spanish league matches this season will be available for free in some places in Spain.

The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez “announced last Saturday, the date for the return of the League Championship on the eighth of next June, after stopping it for more than two months because of the quarantine measures taken in Spain.

The competition between the league leaders Barcelona with 58 points and its traditional rivals Real Madrid are two points behind, with 11 stages remaining in the league, which are scheduled to end on July 19 next.

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