Member of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahli Turki Al-Sheikh: You are an ignorant person who lacks education


Mohamed Serag El-Din, a member of the board of directors of Al-Ahly club of Egypt, sent a message, described as fiery, to Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the entertainment commission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and owner of the Spanish club Almeria.

“I am an educated and calm person, praise be to God. This is a blessing my mother brought me to university professor and my father is a former artillery brigade in the Egyptian army, but I remember that he also taught me that dignity is higher and the most important human quality.”

“I do not accept any transgression of my right and I pity you because you did not find someone to educate you together or teach you that appearances are not everything and that what you do makes you (a transgressor in front of the world).”

“There are more important and higher values, meanings, and origins than this. You are an excuse that you do not know and I do not see you, Turki Al-Sheikh, since the first day except a deficient and ignorant person and I will continue to see you like this. You do not break my eyes and you know this well and you will never break my eyes even in your dreams.” .

It is noteworthy that, yesterday, Friday, Al-Sheikh Al-Sheikh attacked Al-Ahly’s board of directors via his Facebook account, recalling memories of an old dispute that ended with a meeting that reconciled him with club president Mahmoud Al-Khatib at the latter’s house.

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