mehna vincent’s husband married again | Don re-married after Meghana’s departure? That too is on lockdown


Meghna Vincent is a noted star in the Asian hit series ‘Chandanamazhi’. Meghna took a break from her acting career with her marriage. But the news of the divorce between Meghna and Donna, a businessman, was discussed on social media yesterday.

The news is that Don is getting married again. Dawn has remarried Divine Clara of Kottayam. This is Clara’s first marriage. The wedding was simple in Thrissur. Only close relatives were present during the event, following all the lockdown rules. Pictures with Don Clara have also been posted on Facebook sharing the happiness of getting married.

Don Tony has filed for remarriage at the Kuttanallur Sub-Registrar’s office in Thrissur. Due to the news, Meghanna and Don are getting divorced. Meghanna and her business partner Don were married in April 2017. Don is the brother of serial star Dimple. Meghna has also responded to the news of her divorce with a spill on social media. Meghna said the news was true and that her marriage was a mistake


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