Megan Markle, Kate Middleton and their first scandal before their wedding to Prince Harry


We will hardly ever understand the whole truth about the relationship between Megan Markle and Kate Middleton, but this in no way stops the assumptions, on the contrary.

According to a new version published in Tatler, the feud between the two duchesses begins with one scandal at the rehearsal for Harry and Megan’s wedding. And the reason is quite prosaic – whether Princess Charlotte and the other little bridesmaids should wear tights.

Middleton, as a strict follower of royal protocol, was adamant that girls should wear tights, as was the case at her wedding to Prince William. The future bride However, Megan directly opposed this decision because of the warm weather. In the end, it still becomes hers.

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This seemingly insignificant clash of opinions is actually predetermines the relationship between the two ladies – one should always be in defense of the crown, and the other should always strive for rebellion and change.

Such are the positions next to Megzit. Middleton, as the wife of a future king, has always kept everything to the record, ah she didn’t like Megan’s self-will. What irritated her even more was the fact that Markle was able to impose his opinion and easily win the approval that Kate had been fighting for for years.

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But all this is already behind the two duchesses and their paths today are more distant than ever. Now there is no one to oppose Kate and her future at the royal court is cloudless at least at first glance. But the storms there happen very quickly …

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