McDonald’s markets this remarkable dessert


Photo McDonald’s

The gastronomes among us have known for some time that the menu of fast food chains varies from country to country. The ultimate citizen chain is of course McDonald’s, who have added something to the menu in Australia, which would not be out of place in our country either.

Down under you can now buy donut balls with chocolate. The new dessert was originally added as a “secret dish” in New Zealand. After rave criticism from the lucky ones who were allowed to taste it, McDo also decided to add the delicacy to the fixed menu in Australia.

McDo heaven

“Donut ball from Maccas. I died and went to heaven, “someone wrote on Facebook. Another Australia pointed out to the rest of the world the existence of the sweet gem: “Did anyone else know that you can get donut balls from McDonald’s? Today is a good day! ”.

Unfortunately, because international travel has become quite uncertain, the average Belgian will have to wait a while to try this enticing combination.

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