Martijn Tonies about the transition from Van Haga to FvD: Neat people


Neat people do not withdraw anti-Semitic conspiracy theory ‘culture Marxism’ into mainstream politics, do not try to launder the extreme right-wing conspiracy theory of ‘peoples’ and do not speak at meetings where SS flags fly

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It will not have escaped you, MP Wybren van Haga, expelled from the VVD because of violations of integrity (handsome!), joined Forum for Democracy. The arrival of the dubious slum milker was, of course, big announced in a video by Baudet himself, and attentive twitterers quickly pointed out that he had previously said that he did not feel like “seat robbers”. It can be wrong.

Wybren thinks FvD “is ​​a fantastic party. They are all decent people. ” Earlier, CDA member Henk Bleker expressed his amazement at the continuous commentary on Baudet and his party, he does not understand: “all neat people at Forum”.

Rarely seen so much fuss about “neat people”. Never actually. Time to take a close look at the neat people of Forum.

There has been comment on Baudet and his statements for years. He recently made headlines in a tweet by lying an incident of “two dear friends” together. Harassing by “aggressive Moroccans” I turned out to be a ticket check in which the friends did not cooperate. Oops, neat people don’t make up something like that, right?

Baudet’s racist tweet, implying that the police are not doing anything

The questionable contacts of Baudet have been regularly discussed. Neat people don’t offer their thesis to a Holocaust denier, Baudet does, he visited the ethno-nationalist Jean-Marie Le Pen several times. Also, his five-hour meeting with the well-known American extreme right-wing “thinker Jared Taylor” does not seem to me for decent people, nor does it work with the neo-Nazis of the NCE.

Neat people are not the subject of investigation by journalism program Zembla. Forum’s Russian contacts are the subject of discussion, especially if the party forces a Putin vassal to speak in the House.

Big words, while FvD relies on an erroneous report

A party of “neat people” does not set up a left-wing teacher click line. They do not lie about science, do not argue with a scientific institution, and do not act as fascists by accusing scientists, universities, journalists or artists of undermining our society. In an open letter signed by a thousand scientists, teachers and researchers, they call Baudet’s statements “disturbing and alarming.” All very neat.

Neat people also do not withdraw anti-Semitic conspiracy theory “culture Marxism” into mainstream politics, try not to launder the extreme right-wing conspiracy theory “peoples” and do not speak at meetings where SS flags fly.

They do not attract racist conspiracy thinkers who tweet about a “Kalergi plan”, do not refer you to racist articles or articles on racist websites. Neat people don’t get an article about their arguments, rooted in racist ideology, and don’t bring pseudo-science about IQ and race into the public debate. Baudet does.

Neat people don’t make a fascist victory speech. Neat people do not attract “fascist and anti-Semitic youth”, do not allow whole and half fascists to drink, do not share films from an anti-Semitic site and do not run after the Soros demonization of Hungary. Neat people don’t plug a “Holocaust skeptic” with a new “broadcaster in the making.”

Women’s magazine Linda does not have to post an article about the sexist statements of decent people. There is no need for a month-long discussion about parties of neat people about cooperation.

Helping a gay-hostile organization get money? Speaking to gay-hostile organizations or inviting gay haters to your own conferences? Refusing to condemn gay hatred within your own EU group? Want to send articles full of gay hate to your followers? Or attack a human rights organization for its commitment to LGBTI rights? Doesn’t seem like something for decent people.

Neat people do not intimidate journalists and do not have to file lawsuits against journalists who scrutinize their statements that make you look like a racist bastard. And the judge confirms that. In any case, decent people do not attack the fundamental pillars of our democracy.

There are a lot of things that decent people don’t do. Collaboration with Henk Bleker and Wybren van Haga can now be added to this.

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