Marthoma Youth Alliance inaugurates Virtual Zoom Conference for the first time


The Diocese of North America-Europe Diocese of Houston ∙ Marthoma Youth Corps will be inaugurated by the Diocese Secretary Rev. Manoj Idikula on Friday, May 22, at 8 pm Eastern time.

The meeting started with the song ‘Living Devane’ and the Diocese Youth Union Secretary Biji Jobi welcomed everyone. Dr. Isaac Mar Pilixinos commemorated the Episcopal Coalition’s inaugural message, which was a virtual meeting, as usual, in many countries, with many houses sitting, and all the coalition members who attended the meeting. When Corona’s concern is everywhere in the world, we must enter into tomorrow with a new vision.

The theme of the alliance this year is the healing of the land. The nurses praised the actions of other frontline workers and urged them to become copies of the healing Lord. He has inaugurated the 2020 – 23 years of work by congratulating the allies who dedicate our lives to the cause of humanity.


The alliance’s new website was then launched. Subsequently, the Diocese’s young Vice President, Sam’s father, delivered the keynote address on 2 Chronicles 7: 14-16. Thereafter, Youth Alliance Secretary BG gave a comprehensive overview of this year’s activities. BG has said that the activities of the Diocese of Mar Thoma Media, which has taken over the youth alliance, is in progress.

Afterwards, Rev. KI Jose, Jinesh Ninan and Reiji Joseph felicitated and Shaiju Varghese expressed his gratitude. The inaugural session concluded with a prayer and blessings from the Holy See. The live broadcast of the event was cast by the Abba News USA webcast.

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