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Maria fucked her colleague Alicia. Whether intentionally or unintentionally remains to be seen. The “Painer” star overtook the top singer of the competing “Ara Music” for a duet with one of her favorite partners – Tony Storaro. In early March, Alicia announced that she was ready with her song with The Voice Man, Hotarena writes.

“My new duet is with Tony Storaro! It’s not the first time we work together. We like our songs together and I think we succeed. The song comes from him again and is entirely in his style. We also managed to shoot a video,” he said at the time. Alicia. They did not reveal any details, except that with her partner they bet on different images and storyline.

Maria showed a vision from the new video with Tony Storaro

The song was due out in mid-March. That’s when the coronavirus pandemic broke out. That’s why Alicia told her fans that she and Tonito have decided to postpone the release of the song until after the state of emergency. While she was waiting, the assertive Maria overtook her! He recorded a duet with Tony Storaro for a negative time.

“Sweethearts, we recorded it! It’s going to explode,” the Payner star announced in mid-May. Maria even posted on social media a few photos from the recording studio. He added that he and Tony Storaro had wanted to do something together for years, but it was only now that the time came.

The premiere of “In the Season of Sin” was last night. In it, Maria again relies on sex appeal. The singer is more than hot especially in some shots. She has opted for a very modern and youthful vision, completely in tune with the summer. The video was shot in a restaurant in Plovdiv. And while Maria brags to everyone about her duet with Tony Storaro, many are wondering what’s going on with the one with Alicia. Storaro has not yet given information as to why one duo was postponed at the expense of the other. However, his company Diapazon Records reassured fans about his collaborations with Valeri Bozhinov’s ex.

“The duet will be a fact soon. However, you understand that March and April were quite special because of the epidemic. This duet will soon be a fact as well,” the company told Bulgaria Today.

Tony Storaro is one of Alicia’s favorite partners on stage. The two have three duets so far – “I don’t let you be a stranger”, “You were fine” and “Daddy’s Gold”. Each of them enjoys a warm welcome among fans of the light genre. An interesting fact is that one of the last hits of the star of “Ara” is with another member of the Storaro family – Emrah. Her song “My Soul” with the younger son of the Voice Man was among the hits of the winter. They even performed it at the concert on the occasion of Planeta’s birthday in December in Plovdiv.

Alicia talked about the end of her career

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