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The owner of Tsarsko Selo – Stoyne Manolov, commented on the recently hot topics in domestic football. Manolov expressed his opinion on what is happening in Levski, the possible unification between the two CSKA, which will play in the elite next season, and the termination of the Second League.

There will be money in Levski that Nasko Sirakov will manage well. He has to work in tandem with Stanimir Stoilov at Georgi Asparuhov Stadium. There is a good thing in everything that has happened. The problems have shown that the blue community can “To show that the model they had so far is not good and they have to do something different. They showed each club with potential fans that it can do the same,” Manolov began.

“Nasko Sirakov is the best option for Levski. This is the man who can return the titles to the club. I think things are almost ready with the shares and soon Levski will have a new owner. Purely the football moves of Vasil Bozhkov are correct. The whole The blue community still chose Nasko Sirakov. I hope he will take them. Whether he is a hoax or not, I do not know what Vasil Bozhkov did, but it is important that they came to a decision that is important for the blue community. ”

“I think that very soon the money to Levski will flow. In the last ten years there has always been an owner for Levski. The club has not experienced financial crises for many years. There will be money and Nasko will manage it well.”

“Nasko is the man who can bring Levski back to victory and the titles. If they can bring back Stanimir Stoilov, then they will be a tandem that will leave a mark for many years. If Murray sees that he works professionally and without problems, he can Levski was not treated well. He was taken to court and that disappointed him a lot. They have to show that they have a good attitude towards him. And I think he is a person who can show a gesture to Levski and in this difficult moment to help “, said the boss of Tsarsko Selo.

Stoyne Manolov also commented on the upcoming season in efbet League and the opportunity for two teams named CSKA to play against each other.

“I definitely think that the two teams named CSKA should find a way to unite. I don’t see a future for CSKA 1948 if they don’t find their home. They will be present but will not leave a mark. It’s just that both teams have to find a way to “Both clubs will be more stable if they unite. CSKA fans have swallowed a lot over the years, and that will pass.”

“CSKA does not show what I want to see. My thinking is different. CSKA should have been more open to the” red “community. The club is encapsulated, closed. If things do not change, I do not see a solution that can lead CSKA to the top, “said the businessman.

The boss of Tsarsko Selo also spoke about the case with the termination of the Second League, as well as who should be the president of the Bulgarian Football Union.

“It was the most unfair decision for the Second League. It’s a shame. It was the result of lobbying. A team like Septemvri, which develops football, can’t treat him like that. I also have remarks about the decisions for the First League. The champion in the next three years it is clear.This is Ludogorets.Working there professionally.If something in Levski and CSKA does not change, there is no one to remove Ludogorets.In any case there must be changes in the BFU.Presidents of football clubs have no place in the Executive Committee “The new president must be a good businessman,” Stoyne Manolov concluded.

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