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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that most of the country’s economy is open and it is time to take extra precautions. He was addressing the country through his monthly radio show ‘Mann Ki Baat’. “India has a large population but the spread of the virus is slower than other countries,” Modi said. “We have suffered, but everyone is determined to deal with it,” he said.”Despite the many difficulties, the way India handled the situation is remarkable. We must not go back to the past. Coronavirus is still dangerous. Handwashing, masks and social distance should be followed as strictly as possible. Pray for the health of all. The path to victory over the virus is huge and the world has never experienced anything like it, ”Prime Minister Narendra Modi said.

“The current crisis does not touch even a section of our country. Immigrants, the poor and workers are the most affected. Now it is important to be more careful. The struggle against Kovid-19 was led by the people of India. Every Indian has played a part in the fight against Kovid-19. India’s service force is visible in this, ”Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Many lenders have installed pipes in their shops to keep the social distance (six feet away). They bring the goods on the other side. There are many innovations even in education, ”Prime Minister Narendra Modi said. “Changing any situation requires a certain amount of innovation along with strong will. Thousands of years later, through the reformation, humanity has reached the modern age, ”he said.

It is good to adopt yoga and Ayurveda during the coronavirus crisis. They strengthen the respiratory system, ”says Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“For a long time, millions of poor people were left untreated. Taking this into account, Ayushman Bharat Yojana was started. One million people benefited from the scheme and spent Rs 24,000 crore. Taking this into account, Ayushman Bharat Yojana was started. One crore people benefited from the project, with a total cost of Rs 24,000 crore. When we look at other countries, we realize how big Indians are. Our population is many times higher than other countries, and the challenges are still different. Covid-19, not so fast. The death rate is much lower here than in other countries, ”the prime minister said

“We have to fight not only with coronaviruses but also hurricanes like Amphon. I went to Odisha and West Bengal to assess the situation and give them all the help they need. A little work can do a lot of harm,” he said.

“The world will celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th. Lockdown has slowed down, but in the event of more animals coming out, it needs to be turned into an opportunity for nature protection. We need to conserve rainwater. We should all try to collect water, ”he said
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: “The agony of the workers has become a pain in the eastern part of the country.

C Mohan in Tamil Nadu spent Rs 5 lakh to help people in times of crisis. India has repeatedly thanked those who have been involved in the Kovid-19 fight on Man Ki Baat and other occasions. Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the remarkable work of women’s self help groups.

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