Manju warrier: Manju’s horror movie released online Producer with answer – horror movie chathur mukham starring manju warrier and online release producer answers


Corona and the subsequent lockdown have affected the film industry significantly. It is already losing crores. The producers say they will not be able to recover from this loss immediately after the lockdown. There are a lot of films that are ready for release. The cinema sector is surrounded by people who don’t know what to do. At this stage, some people have come to the conclusion that movies can be made into theaters through OTT platforms. Vijay Babu’s Sufi Sujatha is the first Malayalam movie to release in this release.

Horror movie by Manju

With this, other films have shown the possibility of following this path. Manju Warrier’s upcoming horror film Chaturmukham is also going through a similar debate.

OTT release?

The maker of the film is now clear on whether the film will be re-released on the OTT platform. According to producer Jiz Toms, Chaturmukham will not be released through the OTT platform but will be released in theaters.

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In the theater itself

Foursquare is a horror film. He says that to enjoy it to the fullest, one must see it from the theater. He said he would release it in the theater even in case of a loss.

Release is waiting

Filming for the film was completed in January. Earlier, the release of Chaturmukham was scheduled for April. But the lockdown turned out to be a villain. Apart from Manju, Sunny Wayne is also playing the lead role.

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Manju’s first horror movie

Chaturmukham is the first horror film of Manju’s career. Directed by debutants Ranjith Kamala Shankar and Salil V. The film is being produced by Jiz Toms and Justin Thomas.

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