Manju Warrier in Trekking role; Released the poster


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Manju Warrier is back in the lead role. Manju Warrier appears in the first look poster After Sexy Durga and Chola, Sanal Kumar Sasidharan is directing the film.

Ved Vibes and newcomer Gaurav Raveendran are also doing important roles in the movie Joseph.

Another feature is the language of the film, Aharsansa. Another title of the film is ‘Ahar’, the word for ascent in this language. Ratheesh Eatillam is the music director of the movie.

Chandru Selvaraj becomes an independent cinematographer with this film. Directed by Chola, Dilip Das is the art director. The film is produced by Shaji Mathew, Aruna Mathew, Manju Warrier and Sanal Kumar Sasidharan.

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