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Manju Warrier in stylish look; Kalidas Jayaram sharing pictures


Still from the movie ‘Jack and Jill’ awaiting release in the back of the cast, Kalidas shared

‘Jack and Jill’ is a well-known cinematographer and director by Santhosh Sivan. Santosh Sivan’s upcoming film ‘Jack and Jilli’l’ Manju Warrier and Kalidas Jayaram are playing the lead roles. It is a Malayalam film directed by Santosh Sivan seven years later.

A still from the film is now gaining the attention of the social media. The film was shared by Kalidas Jayaram. Manju Warrier and Kalidasana are seen in the film.

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Santhosh Sivan is the cinematographer. Apart from Manju Warrier, Kalidas Jayaram, Soubin Shahir, Nedumudi Venu, Indrans, Aju Varghese, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Ramesh Pisharody are also in the cast. One of the main locations of the film was Haripad. Another location is London.

Spot Jack and Jill is a thriller full-time entertainer. Santosh Sivan and Manju Warrier are all set to make their debut together. It is reported that Soubin Shahir is playing the role of Manju Warrier and Kalidas Jayaram.

Technicians from India and England are teaming up for a big canvas. The Jack and Jill phones are produced in collaboration with the Dubai-based Lensman Studios. ‘Jack and Jill’ will soon be a bilingual film in Tamil, besides Malayalam and Tamil.
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