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After Sexy Durga and Chola, Kaattam is the film directed by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan. The posters of the film have been released. Manju Warrier plays the main character in this movie, which is a trekking theme through the endangered Himalayan Mountains.

Manju Warrier appears in a different style of trucking poster.

Ved Vibes and newcomer Gaurav Raveendran are playing the lead roles in the movie Joseph. Apart from them, Sujith Koikal, Ratheesh Eatillam, Devanarayanan, Sonit Chandran, Astha Gupta, Ashita, Nandu Thakur and Bhupendra Khurana also play other roles.

Chandru Selvaraj, who was an associate of famous cinematographer Thiru, becomes an independent cinematographer in this film. Dileep Das, artistic director of Chola, has directed the film.

Another feature of the film is the language of the film, Aharmsa, which was prepared for the film. Another title of the film is ‘Ahar’, which is a word for ascent in this language. Ratheesh Eatillam edits the songs of the film in 10 different ways.

One of the features is that all the songs were recorded as on-the-spot improvisation on the shooting Himalayan trekking sites.

The film is produced by Shaji Mathew, Aruna Mathew, Manju Warrier and Sanal Kumar Sasidharan under the banner of New Art Movies, Manju Warrier Productions and Paramount Pictures.

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