mallika sukumaran about prithviraj’s return | Mallika talks about Prithviraj’s return


After months of waiting, actor Prithviraj has come to Natilal. Prithviraj and his team went to Jordan for the shooting of their life and were trapped there. His wife Supriya, daughter Alli and mother Mallika Sukumaran have been waiting for many. Prithvi returns home after 14 days of quarantine. Mallika says that when she heard his voice, she felt a sense of happiness and relief she had never felt before.

Prithviraj called his mother from a hotel in Quarantine. He was in great exhaustion because his sleep was not good. Mallika says that she had told him to go to bed and have a good night’s sleep.

“It is very sad to miss Dada. Last day she called me and showed me her writing ‘My Father Is Coming’ on her board. I asked her what this was. She replied, ‘Daddy hurry up, father.’ We still have 14 days to wait. Not at all. Mallika said that if she can forgive the boils, she will not forgive the six.


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