Malayalee dies at Jubilee man from kerala died in saudi due to covid 19 -gulf news


Jubail (Saudi): A man from Kozhikode who was treated for Kovid has died in Jubail. Farooq Kadalundi, area manager of the sales department of Ismail Eid Abu Dawud Company, Abdul Aziz Mannoor, 53, died on Friday afternoon. He had been in the intensive care unit of Jubail Muwazat Hospital for a week.

Two weeks ago, the company had gone to Khafji with another employee in a vehicle demanding it. Abdul Aziz was late when a Yamani fellow traveler reported Kovid was infected. Abdul Aziz suffered a shortness of breath while undergoing treatment for the disease. Abdul Azizi’s condition, which was admitted to the Muwasawat hospital incinerator, recovered slightly on Thursday and the hospital responded well. But the situation got worse on Friday.

The death of Abdul Azizi, a member of the Saudi Committee of the National Committee of the Saudi Indian National Committee and the Vice President of the Jubail, has grieved the expat community. His wife, Jubi, and his daughter, Sana Mariam, are being treated at the same hospital. His son, engineering student Mohammed Rasin, is studying in the country. There are five brothers and one sister, including Sheriff Mannur, head of the ICF Jubilee module. Parents: PC Alikoya and Maryam.

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