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Mallika Sukumaran

Heavy rains in Thiruvananthapuram flooded several parts of the country yesterday. As the Karamana River and Killiyar river were reclaimed, the lowlands were flooded. After six hours of heavy rains, actress Mallika Sukumaran’s house in Kundamankadavu in Thiruvananthapuram was flooded. Mallika Sukumaran was rescued and taken to a safe place. Mallika Sukumaran had gone into the house during the last flood.Mallika Sukumaran has been transferred to her sister’s house in Jawahar Nagar. With the flow of the Karamana river, 13 houses in the Kundamankadavu Ela road were inundated. Firefighters arrived in a rubber boat and evacuated several of the residents to safety.

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Mallika Sukumaran’s house was inundated during the 2018 floods. Mallika Sukumaran and others were also evacuated. At that time Mallika was taken to a safe place by the locals. The footage of Mallika Sukumaran’s rescue in a big war has gone viral on social media. Mallika Sukumaran said the dam had been opened due to water leaking in her house on both occasions. Mallika Sukumaran says the opening of the dam without any warning has caused huge losses to the locals.

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First published: May 23, 2020

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