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During Kovid, the world is going through a variety of crises. Due to restrictions including lockdown, people have to face many difficulties, such as staying away from loved ones. It has also been reported that while lock-down and social alienation restrictions are tightened, people often find ways to get them together to reach their loved ones.A mother and a daughter are now going viral. The Covenant Crisis In the US, the worst case scenario was when a daughter sought to hug her mother at Old Age Home. People say that they are finding a creative way to hold their mother together, because there is a social gap.

The daughter arrives at her mother dressed as a giant hippo. The elderly mother had a grudge against a hippo in front of her, but then she heard her daughter’s voice and hugged her. Footage of the incident was widely circulated on social media.

Many praise the daughter’s efforts to reach her mother in the face of such a crisis. While staying with your family is important, reminding them of the need for social distance to keep the virus from spreading.

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First published: May 22, 2020

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