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New York Times

Washington: New York Times Sunday edition honoring the dead of Covid’s death. The New York Times, dated May 24, has devoted four pages to the death of a thousand people, including the first page.
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The New York Times published the obituary for the deaths of 1 percent (1,000) without photos. It is interesting to note that there is no photo, advertisement or other news on the front page. Simon Lane, assistant editor at the Graphics Desk, is behind the idea. Such an idea came to light when it was discovered that Kovid’s death toll reaches one million. Simon Lanton introduced the first page-to-death program in the hope that it would not interact with the public in any way, symbolically, by any image, symbol or other graphic.

The New York Times has stated that the deaths are not mere names and that we are.

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First published: May 24, 2020

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