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Sachin Tendulkar is the one who has conquered the summit of cricket’s Runmala. He has touched the hearts of millions of fans with his impressive batting records and spectacular performances on the playing fields. Tomorrow is one of the most unique things for Sachin. It is the quarter century of the greatest partnership of his life. Sachin Tendulkar, Dr. 25th wedding anniversary of Anjali Mehta.Sachin met Anjali in December 1990 at the Mumbai airport. Anjali had arrived with her friends to pick up her mother Annaben Mehta from London. It was then that Sachin Tendulkar, who had become a cricketer, showed Anjali a friend. At first glance, Anjali liked Sachin, despite her lack of interest in cricket. Anjali tried to talk to Tendulkar and spoke to him. But Anjali could not let go of Sachin. Anjali finally came home to see Sachin saying she was a journalist. They talked for hours like that interview. Tendulkar fell in love with Sachin.

They fell in love without knowing the house. Their love blossomed through letters and telephone booths. Tendulkar did not receive letters from Anjali often. Tendulkar was flown from India to cities and other cities in search of cricket. Tendulkar was afraid that someone else would see the letter. Anjali also had the experience of talking to Tendulkar about half a night after leaving the hostel and walking for three kilometers to the telephone booth.

The game was significant during the 1995 tour of New Zealand. The wedding began at Anjali’s house. This made it almost impossible to cope with. Anjali spoke openly to her family. His father, a cricket fan, agreed without hesitation. But the debt still remained. Sachin is afraid to say this at home. In the end Anjali herself took over the job. He met Sachin’s brother and informed him. Tendulkar’s family agreed to the marriage despite initial opposition.
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Sachin and Anjali got married on May 25, 1995. Tendulkar was then 22 years old and Anjali was 28 years old. On the evening of the wedding, an elaborate wedding reception was held for friends and friends. Anjali left the doctor’s work with her marriage. It was meant to be with the family. Anjali is a well known pediatrician in Mumbai. Anjali is happy that her daughter Sarah has just completed her MBBS degree from London, though she quit her job that day. His son Arjun has chosen the path of Sachin. Left-arm pacer Arjun has joined the under-19 Indian team. The Tendulkar family hopes that Arjun will play for India soon.

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First published: May 24, 2020

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