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In a release issued on Saturday, the Home Ministry said that the lock-down, which was introduced in the country from March 25, will be gradually eased in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Even if concessions are given, precautions will be taken to prevent coronavirus infection in public places and workplaces.The concessions will be granted in areas outside the Containment Zone in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. Concessions and restrictions effective June 1;

  • Will private cars and two-wheelers be allowed?

If allowed, there will be strict restrictions on the number of passengers.TRENDING:Covid 19 | Covid, 58 in state today 10 people found a negative [NEWS]The High Court held that there is nothing extraordinary in domesticating a daughter-in-law [NEWS]Man accused of molesting student, granted bail The prosecution misrepresented that the indictment was not filed [NEWS]

  • Can you attend funerals?

Fewer than 20 participants can attend at once.

  • In weddings?

Up to 50 people can participate in marriage-related negotiations.

  • Going to barber shops?

Open barber shops, spas and saloons after consultation with the states.

  • Do Offices Work?

Most restrictions on private offices have been lifted, with 100 people allowed to work at the same time. Up to 33% staff can be brought to the office as needed. The remaining employees must work from home.

  • Can you move from one state to another?

Yes, interstate travel is permitted.

  • Passed for interstate travel from June 1?

The order states that no pass is required for interstate travel.

  • Is it relaxing at night curfew?

The travel ban was rescheduled from 7 pm to 7 am, from 9 pm to 5 pm.

  • Is it possible to go to places of worship?

Shrines will be open from June 8. At the same time, no big celebrations or gatherings are allowed.

  • Can you go out and eat with your family?

Hotels, restaurants and hospitality services will also be reopened from June 8. However, social distance must be maintained.

  • Will the malls open?

The malls will reopen from June 8.

  • Will such concessions be allowed in the containment zone?

The above exemptions do not apply to containment forces. Lockdown has been extended to 30 June.

  • Are schools outside the containment zone now open?

The decision to open schools and colleges in July will be taken after consultation with state governments.

  • Can you go overseas now?

No, international flights have not yet begun.

  • Can you rely on the Metro Train Service to get to work?

Metro train services will not be resumed at this stage in all cities.

  • Will movie theaters, gyms and swimming pools work?

They are also not open now.

  • Can I call a driver or maid?

Call it work.

  • Can you buy petrol?

Buy, petrol pumps and LPG / oil agencies will continue to operate.

  • Can you go to the hospital?

Let’s go, hospitals and medical stores are open.

  • Can you order online?

Yes, all e-commerce services will be restarted.

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