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KR Nair with Mohanlal

Dubai-based actor Mohanlal, who is in the throes of his 60th birthday, is now back in the 60s. KR Nair of Dubai wishes Mohanlal his best wishes.

Nair shared his memories of his school days with his classmate’s back on Facebook yesterday. Many people have reached below Nair’s note with greetings.

Mohanlal and Nair studied at Model School in Thiruvananthapuram and later at MG College. Both studied in the same class but in two divisions. Nair, however, remembers that both were together at the cricket ground and in the theater.
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Nair studied BA Economics and Mohanlal BCom in MG College. After joining Mohanlal’s film, Nair traveled to Mumbai to become a journalist with a Masters Degree in Politics.

He remembers all these years that he was associated with Suresh Kumar. Nair also says that Suresh Kumar was the first actor who brought the actor Lal.

Nair also interviewed Mohanlal for the Dubai-based ‘Gulf News’ newspaper. The interview was part of a program called ‘Mohanlal and the Magic Lamp’.

“We laughed and laughed, including Lalu hitting two big sixes for the Poojappura team during our match with our caravan club that day. When I interviewed a friend who had studied for years together, it was a different experience, ” says Nair.

“I told Lelu that I could not see all his pictures due to work. Then Lalu responded with a smile. I will tell my story to the dogs. “The interview was printed as ‘Tinsel Towns Favor Magician’.”

“My friends and I were standing at Thycaud in Thiruvananthapuram. Then Mohanlal got on the bike and told us that he was showing the movie ‘Yellow Yellow Flowers’ at the MP Theater. Soon we were all in the theater. It was the second day of the release. ”

Nair says that Lal came to Dubai several times but never got the chance to interview again. “When Lalu captained the Kerala Celebrity Team Contest at the Dubai International Stadium in 2013, I came to report on it. Mohanlal’s magic is that we can make it happen with each passing year. “I am very optimistic about the future. Let me tell you the truth, I live in the present,” Nair still remembers. It is believed that the actor, Mohanlal, has settled into the evergreen hero even in the hearts of young audiences.

His wife is Ajita, a college teacher in Dubai. The only daughter Nandita is a student of Financial Technology in US.

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First published: May 22, 2020

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