Malayalam Cinema: ‘Budget & Technology’ to hit Malayalam cinema Omar Lulu’s facebook post about v a shrikumar’s randamoozham


MT Vasudevan Nair has written a script titled ‘Iruzhuzam’ directed by VA Sreekumar with Mohanlal in the lead role. A poster shared by Sreekumar about Mohanlal’s 60th birthday on the occasion of his 60th birthday has been activated. After that, many confessed for two hundred years. Now, director Omar Lulu has reached out to Sreekumar’s giant.

The second is shocking

One of the young directors, Omar Lulu, posted on Facebook about his hopes for the project. He has noted that VA Sreekumar’s ‘Iruzhuzha’ covers all things that shock Malayalam cinema.


VA Sreekumar Ettan is making a big budget film, technology and crush on Malayalam cinema. If all goes well, Omar has decided to turn Malayalam cinema into one of the most spectacular projects ever seen.

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No magic can ever be predicted

Then the film is a magic, as Lalaten said, a magic that no one can catch. No magic can ever be predictable, so give him superstition and make it a good movie, this is how Omar Lulu’s note ended.

My giant

Yesterday, VA Sreekumar Mohanlal shared a digital art for the giant, saying ‘Happy birthday to my giant … Happy birthday’. It was only after this that two-year negotiations were re-activated.

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MT not to use the script

However, VA Sreekumar had approached the court challenging the Munsif court order of the petition filed by MT Vasudevan Nair seeking the return of the script. The court order was not to use the script. Last month, the court rejected Sreekumar Menon’s plea to quash the arbitrator. It was in 2014 that VA Sreekumar and MT signed the agreement. MT has filed a petition seeking the return of the script as the film has not started filming after three years.

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