malavika menon instagram: Prithviraj returns home after dancing Malavika – actress malavika c menon’s celebration after prithviraj’s return from jordan


Actor Prithviraj and director Blessy returned to Kochi yesterday, ending the Jordanian schedule of the film. The group completed the shooting in the Jordan Desert after some difficult days due to the Corona expansion. Now, the celebration of a fan girl celebrating the return of the royal family has gone viral.

Malavika with celebration

Insta shared the video below with the song ‘Yaranne Aranne’ from young actress Malavika Menon Urumi. This is a dance video shared by the media. The actress is happy that Prithviraj and ‘Aadu Jeevitham’ are back.

Watch the video of Malavika dancing

Celebration of the arrival of the king

Malavika shared the video about her caption “Celebration of Raju’s arrival in the country”. “I am a huge fan of Prithviraj. Malavika has also apologized for sharing the same costume video in a few days.

Busy young actress

Malavika Menon made her film debut with ‘916’. He has acted in many films including Nidra, Hero, I Marikutty, Joseph, Porinju Mariam Jose, Edakkad Battalion 06, Al Mallu and many more.

Installation player

She has also acted in a few Tamil films besides Malayalam. Malvika, who is very active in Insta and Tic Tac, has close to 2 lakh followers. Malavika shares the insta with glamor photoshoot pictures.

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