Magi Halvadjian: Do the Russians already know that Cyril and Methodius are not Russians


Magardich Halvadjian

In his speech to the President today, he said that we had given our alphabet to Russia! Yes it is! The question is whether the Russians know it! It was 1982 and I was studying at the circus school in Moscow! In a Russian language class, our teacher told us that Cyril and Methodius are Russians! That’s how they taught in Moscow then! This is what Magardich Halvadjian wrote on his Facebook page.

“Danny, Pesho and Chocho were 15 years old then and we obviously didn’t realize exactly what a Propaganda Machine was! Naturally, we immediately jumped in and even started laughing and explained to the teacher that it was a big mistake! ) were shocked by our “insolence”! They had learned all their lives that Cyril and Methodius were Russians and now suddenly four Bulgarians were explaining terrible nonsense to them! Then they called us to the Bulgarian Embassy in Moscow and told us not to explain! “Such were the times! So my question is: Do the Russians already know that Cyril and Methodius are not Russians? Faith and letters have preserved our identity! There are things that cannot take us away! Happy holiday to all!”, He wrote. he.

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