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Riyadh, Dubai, Kuwait City ൗ Saudi travels back to normal with daytime travel restrictions The restrictions will continue until June 20, from 8 pm to 6 am.

The Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah will be opened to believers today. Only 40% have access. Barricades will be set up to keep the distance. Shrines other than Mecca will also be opened from today.

Mortality rates are rising with the sick in Saudi. 22 more people died. New Patients 1618.

The curfew in Kuwait is only open from 6 pm to 6 pm tomorrow. Shrines including churches will be opened. However, Jumu’ah Prayer is not permitted.

Mosques in Dubai will be opened with restrictions soon. Permission to release early in the morning But the crowds should not increase. Commercial and commercial establishments in Ajman will be open from today.

The movie theaters, gymnasium, fitness club and children’s salon will also be open from today.

∙ Saudi: infected 83384. Death 480

∙ Oman: 10,423 affected. Death 42

∙ Qatar: 55,262 affected. Death 36

^ Kuwait: 26,192 affected (8025 Indians). 205 death

Bahrain: 4914. Death 15.

English summary: .

 Open to Medina Prophet’s Mosque

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