Lufthansa with Airbus A380 will no longer be available from Frankfurt


After a number of aircraft are still used in repatriation flights, all fourteen A380s of the German company are grounded, most of them in the Spanish Teruel.

In contrast to Air France, Lufthansa wants to continue flying with A380s, but a total of six aircraft are divested early. That means Lufthansa will initially employ eight, reducing to six within three years.

Until recently, Lufthansa flew the A380s from both Frankfurt and Munich. However, because it is logistically and economically unjustified to deploy the downsized A380 fleet from two bases, it was decided to scrap Frankfurt.

“After considering several criteria and against the background to make Lufthansa long-term competitive, it has been decided that the A380 will be used only from Munich in the future,” the spokesperson told the site.

Even before the corona crisis, Lufthansa had plans to phase out the A380 fleet. Those plans are now gaining momentum, and not just at Lufthansa. Air France decided earlier this week to discontinue its ten A380s.

Lufthansa Group expects that a large amount of aircraft will remain on the ground for a long time. CEO Carsten Spohr assumes that the company will deploy three hundred fewer aircraft next year than before the crisis.

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