Lufthansa renews its flights to 20 destinations around the world


German aviation giant Lutfhansa has resumed flights to 20 of its main destinations in mid-June after restrictive measures were significantly eased in much of the world during a pandemic, a company spokesman was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Popular destinations include Mallorca, Venice, Ibiza and Malaga. They will all depart from Frankfurt Airport.

Two weeks ago, it became clear that Lufthansa will fly to more distant destinations, such as Los Angeles, Toronto and Mumbai in June.

Earlier this week, we learned that the company was in talks with the German government to receive a € 9 billion financial injection, betting on a 20% stake. According to the Bild newspaper, the state loan will last until 2023.

Economy Minister Peter Altmeier commented in an interview with ZDF that Lufthansa will start paying off its debt when it returns to profits. But his fears are that it could take years, somewhat disproving Bild’s claim.

Air traffic in Germany was halted in March when the pandemic officially hit the country and began widespread throughout Europe.

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