Lubo Neykov could not pay salaries to the “Comedians”


The TV fate of the TV show “Comics”, which once again fell off the air on bTV, is difficult. The actors from the fun show are released from engagements and are considered unemployed.

The head of production, Lubo Neykov, could not pay them salaries, as it was impossible to kill his investment. His television turned off the tap, and it was not possible for the Comedians to perform all over the country, given the crisis.

Thus, Krastyu Lafazanov, Hristo Garbov, Ruslan Maynov and the other beloved actors from the show’s cast were left without money. Most of them traditionally have engagements in theaters, but at the moment they can’t play. In practice, the income they received from several countries suddenly dried up. Only Lubo Neykov continued to be financially secure. In addition to the production business and performances on the stage, the comedian also owns a real estate company with his friend and partner Evtim Miloshev. At the moment, the home sales business is not among those affected and Lubo was confident that he will continue to make money without sinking into debt.

For years, actors have been saying that Neykov is among the most wealthy in the industry and has more than 5 apartments in Sofia, which he rented for offices of various companies. From the rents he received several thousand net money each month, which was enough for him to live comfortably and happily without moving a finger.

Although he is significantly ahead of his colleagues financially and leads a life as a businessman, Lubo is not proud of his wealth and continues to be compassionate. Until the end, he helped with the accounts of Stoyanka Mutafova and Valcho Kamarashev, who left us within a year.

At the moment, Neykov was terribly worried about all his subordinates from the “Comedians” and assured them that he would find a way to return the show to the screen again, “Retro” writes.

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