‘Lockdown Majestic’: A short film by a group of bank employees


What would the bank employees say if they asked for a lockdown or a blessing?

For some it is a blessing and for some it is utterly boring. A group of bankers dream of getting rid of it. It became a short film when it became reality.

It is a group of talented bankers organized by a group of bankers with a non-professional heart. This short film was made in a different way. Director Arun Kumar shot every artist on their mobile phones. S was coordinating.

Even when it becomes a mobile camera and an editing tool, the old assignment of calling is unchanged. The central character, Jason, calls all his friends and the screenplay is the way their events appear.

Cooking, farming, ludo, reading, dancing, singing and running the drone are all in their own way. The optimism that human beings will survive any disaster is resolved amidst all variations.

The talk was made via YouTube channel Vattanam. Arun Kumar S is the director. Arjun Anand and Arun Kumar co-wrote the screenplay and dialogue for the story of Arjith TP. Editing by Atul Janardhanan. Additional dialogue was made by Satish Kumar, a renowned mimicry artist.

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