lockdown in portugal: enter Portugal, if from these countries – portugal allow entry of travelers from certain countries


Portugal is one of the last countries to get rid of the Kovid 19 lockdown. Access to Portugal is now possible. But in the first phase, only those from a select few countries can enter. This control will be lifted in a phased manner.

By following the rules


There are also strict rules for entering the country. People from countries such as Italy and Spain have been told they will not be allowed in. Meanwhile, people from Canada, Brazil, the USA and other Portuguese-speaking countries will be admitted to the Portuguese. Stores, bookstores, restaurants, cafes and libraries have already begun to open. But only about 50% of the employees. There is also a stipulation that it should not be open after 11 pm. Golf courses, galleries, zoos and more are also open. Earlier, it was announced that religious festivals would be held in Portugal starting May 30. Movie theaters, concert halls, auditoriums and theaters are expected to open from June 1. But people won’t be admitted as they were before. Admission is limited to half or less. The beaches will also be open to the public from June 6.

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Those who go on the Azores

Those going to the Azores Island community should keep a record of the Kovid 19 test showing a negative result. The mask should be worn throughout the journey. It is suggested that those who go to the island of Madeira should stay in the Quarantine for 14 days. There is also the idea of ​​an air bridge between Britain and Portugal. Come back and enjoy this aerial corridor without being in the Quarantine.

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