Liverpool wants to include the Barcelona star


Media reports indicated that Liverpool want to sign one of Barcelona’s stars during the next summer transfer window.

According to Spanish media reports, the German coach of Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp, has declared his admiration for the Frenchman Othmane Dembele since he played for Prussia Dortmund, and has the desire to include him for the team.

According to the Spanish “El Mundo Deportivo” website, the English club will head towards the French if he fails to sign Timo Werner, the Leipzig striker, who is 55 million euros, despite their difference in the playing centers.

The site added that Barcelona knows the French market value and despite its repeated injuries, it is still the focus of attention of many clubs, as it has the attention of Juventus, along with Liverpool.

For his part, the French have the confidence of Barcelona coach Kiki Sittin, but he is not on the list of players who are not able to leave the club.

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