Live: Wolfsburg – Borussia (Dortmund)


90 + 5 ′ Deserved victory for Dortmund.90 ′ Halland missed to sign from a comfortable position.85 ′ Arnold receives a foul for a foul.84 ′ Schmelzer replaced Guerrero. Last shift for guests.83 ′ The ballerinas replaced Delaney.81 ′ Felix Klaus committed a very rough foul against Akanji. The referee went to review the replay and showed a red card to the home team player.79 ′ Reina replaced Azar.78 ′ GOOOL! Ashraf Hakimi scored after a quick attack from the right. Sancho took the ball in the center, advanced and gave a wonderful pass to the Moroccan national.75 ′ Brooks kick after hitting the ball. The ball went out a lot.74 ′ Torgan Azar fouls Mbabu.73 ′ VAR for playing Brooks by hand. The assessment is that this happened unintentionally.70 ′ Nice attack of Dortmund, passed through Holland and Sancho. Guerrero could not score a second goal at a small angle from the left.66 ′ Brooks tried to take Sancho’s fear and received a yellow card.65 ′ Jaden Sancho replaced Julian Brandt.64 ′ Brekalo replaced Ginchek.64 ′ Callus replaces Rusilon for the hosts.62 ′ Beam. Renato Steffen fired outside the penalty area and hit Burke’s right crossbar.61 ′ Jan slipped into the small field after a cross from the left, but a home player failed to take advantage.58 ′ Cross by Hakimi on the right, but the ball was very high for Halland.57 ′ Foul shot into the wall built by the guests. In Mönchengladbach, the hosts equalized.56 ′ Thomas Delaney committed a foul and received the first yellow card of the match.49 ′ Ginchek shoots out from the right. The hosts are already seriously looking for a goal.48 ′ Pass! Renato Steffen was left alone against Burke. His shot deflected slightly from the top post and went out.46 ′ Emre Can replaces Mats Hummels.45 ′ The two teams came out separately again.

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45 + 2 ′ Deserved minimal advantage for Borussia. For now, it is not clear how the hosts can score a goal.45 ′ Regardless of the result, guests continue to be more active.43 ′ Torgan Hazard could not find an opportunity for the visitors after an attack from the right.33 ′ GOOOOOOOL! Rafael Guerrero scored on an empty net up close. Halland could not detect the shot on the ground, but Guerrero crashed into the back post. Before that, Hakimi passed to Azar, who gave the goal pass, going almost to the outline on the right.25 ′ Weghorst shot with his head after a balloon cross from the left for the hosts.22 ′ Halland was almost brought out alone against the goalkeeper after the home team’s press.18 ′ Centering Mbabu on the right. The ball flew over the defense of the guests.16 ′ Azar’s strong kick with his left foot. First attempt to score from the beginning of the match.13 ′ This half belonged to Dortmund, who controlled the ball 75 percent of the time.

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12 ′ Paderobron equalized at Hoffenheim. Leverkusen took the lead during their visit to Monchengladbach.6 ′ The guests have more control over the ball, but there are no situations so far.5 ′ Hoffenheim scored a goal for the last Paderborn – 0: 1.1 ′ The teams entered the field separately. Quickly angry and round. A minute of silence over the pandemic.

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