Literature as a series: “To the last tooth” in the coronavirus-hit Sofia


In the vast internet, people can find countless favorite series to watch. However, few of them can find series to read.

This is exactly the idea of ​​the screenwriter Teo Chepilov, known for his participation in the creation of successful native productions such as “Undercover”, “Glass House”, “House Arrest” and many others.

Chepilov decided to write “To the Last Tooth” – the first literary series in our country. This is a post-apocalyptic novel, which takes place in Sofia shortly after the appearance of the coronavirus.

The work is relevant, the topic is serious, but at the same time with the unfolding of the story you can see the funny tone in which the author tells it.

“It turns out that people are ready for this kind of storytelling. The fans were found and the idea was welcomed, “said Theo. He started thinking about a zombie apocalypse story 10 years ago, but even then he didn’t know in what format to present it: “It’s an interesting dramatic situation to see how the world ends and how it affects people.”

Together with their colleagues, they were inspired and began working on the novel. The title is a reflection of the monsters in the series – black balls of hair, the only thing that can be seen are their teeth. Theo describes them as “demonic mummers.”

“We are talking about the last survivors of the apocalypse and how they are ready to fight to the last tooth,” explains the author.

To the last tooth

For its 6 episodes, the literary series is currently gathering its fans. The original idea was for the new episodes to come out every Sunday at 8pm. However, due to the impatience of the readers, the new chapters start coming out at 3pm.

“To the Last Tooth” is planned for 13 episodes, and the author already knows what the finale is. However, the series has its own interactivity – sometimes fine adjustments are required according to the attitudes of the fans.

To the last tooth

“Our starting point is this epidemic, but from then on it’s complete fiction that describes the scariest way it can develop,” says Theo.

The author believes that as long as there is something to tell and where the characters continue to develop, a series, whether literary or feature, can go on for a long time: unlike cinema, where a lot of money is needed. “

Chepilov and his colleagues are also working on an adaptation of “To the Last Tooth” as an audio series. In addition, options are being considered on how and whether the story can be divided into several parts: a comic, a more serious, a lighter, scarier story.

“The boldest fantasy of” To the Last Tooth “is Valeri Milev to shoot it on film and take over” Hollywood “. I think we will continue to tell the story and I was impressed that people are attached to some of the characters, “said Chepilov.

As he says, “the sky is the limit.”

COVID-19 in numbers

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* Total number of cases, incl. died and healed.
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