Lily Ivanova on Facebook – jokes about her age, shows archive footage and appeals for important things


The primate itself approves everything for publication, often expresses a position on painful topics

Lily Ivanova rarely gives interviews, almost does not appear in public, almost nothing is known about her off stage. Not if you are not a Facebook user and have not been on its official page.

There, she often discreetly opens the curtains of her personal space, like

published archival

photos from their own

concerts 50 years ago,

shows how she painted her eggs for Easter or how she grows her orchids.

He often shares behind-the-scenes photos of his concerts or comments on current topics. He often uses the social network to congratulate his friend on his birthday or to thank a fan for a kind gesture to her – a poem, a bouquet of flowers or a gift.

During the pandemic, she was even more active, first urging all her fans to obey the bans and stay at home, writing that she was staying at home, feeling great and making plans. She then publicly asked all her loyal fans not to bring her flowers for the manor day, given the pandemic situation, and the bouquets that arrived for her birthday at the end of last month, she gave to the medics from Alexandrovska Hospital. Then she also announced the news first on her social network profile, with the titles of her songs interwoven in her message:

“Today the main role is played by the medics!

Insulated behind GLASS WALLS, they are our heroes. Let’s give them our love, because LOVE IS LIFE!

I wish them to be as INCREDIBLY dedicated as ANYONE ELSE! Let’s flood them with the STORMY RIVER to our applause. Respect!

Accept today my “applause” to you, dear medics, for your perseverance, dedication and love for the profession! Because, IF YOU STOP LOVING US, WE WILL STOP LOVING US!

I present you these flowers from me and my friends who paid tribute to my birthday. They are a sign of gratitude and love for you! ”She wrote on Facebook the day after her personal holiday.

She did not fail to congratulate the holiday of the Slavic script, writing: “Our vocation is to remember the work of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius and their students and to keep the Bulgarian language clean! To have us as a nation! Happy holiday!”.

And the birthday of the football club “Levski” did not go unnoticed by Ivanova, hinting at the crisis with the ownership of the club: “The battle for the existence of this land is valid for everything! The most wonderful part of it is the victory! I wish you with all my heart and only forward! ”

In fact, her Facebook profile has existed since 2012, when Lili Ivanova and her team decided to create this space, which unites all the fan pages of the singer. In this way, her loyal fans will receive first-hand information. And Lili Ivanova herself is an editor of the online space – nothing is published without her approval.

“I am always a defender of the truth and what convinced me was that

worth the people to

drink water from the spring,

instead of reading

fabrications ”,

she then told “24 Chasa” and added that she had promised herself to find time to communicate with her fans through personal messages on the social network.

In 2014, he showed a photo of the orchids he grows at home. The flowers are white and pink, photographed in the primate’s home.

“Flowers this Sunday” is the status below the photo, and in 2016 she showed a sense of humor about her age and the day after her birthday posted a photo of a cake with a candle in her profile. But instead of a specific figure, it was questionable. Because beautiful women do not grow old, and talented women – even less. She is both.

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