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Rohit Sharma, the vice-captain of the Indian cricket team in Mumbai, is quite different from the captain Virat Kohli. Whenever Rohit leads India in the absence of Kohli, his excellence on the ground has been directly enjoyed by the fans. Cricketers have compared Rohit Sharma with former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Indian cricketer Suresh Raina believes Rohit’s ability to remain gentle on the ground and encourages players to do so.

Rohit’s captaincy is similar to MSD’s. Rohit does things in a gentle manner on the ground. The manner in which players are encouraged is similar to Dhoni’s. He knows he has to make runs whenever he goes to bat. If a player has that kind of confidence, his teammates can achieve that too. That’s what I liked about Rohit – Raina told a national press.

I watched Mumbai’s final against Pune in the IPL. As Mumbai captain, Rohit made 2–3 big moves. Of course Roh would have received advice from outside. But he is the one who makes all the decisions himself. Rohit Sharma knows when and what to do. “It is no surprise that Rohit wins the Cup as captain,” Raina said.

“I have never questioned Dhoni for changing his batting position when he was playing for the Indian cricket team,” Raina said. I can remember the 2015 World Cup cricket. I was promoted to bat. I was able to score 70–80 runs in that game. Dhoni knew that when I bowl two leg spinners I can handle them better. Dhoni told me this. Dhoni is always one step ahead of us.

Dhoni saw everything from behind the wicket. Camera, fans and so on. He cannot make mistakes. How swinging the ball. Dhoni knows all about the pitch change. God has given him some special abilities. That is why Dhoni has become such a successful captain. Raina said the IPL, without foreign players, would affect the enjoyment.

Foreign players must be in the IPL. When playing foreign players, anyone can learn more and enjoy the competition. Raina also commented that international batsmen and bowlers have been part of the tournament since the start of the IPL.

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 Rohit’s captaincy is very similar to Dhoni: Suresh Raina

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