Libra forgets worries, Capricorns will be disappointed – Alena’s daily horoscope



It is better for you to dedicate yourself to work, instead of wasting time in dreams of your professional rise. You will face unforeseen difficulties if you are not responsible and flexible to adapt to change. Deal with unresolved issues and deferred tasks that require significant financial investment from you. Do not distract yourself with side activities. You want to live in harmony with yourself and your feelings, but you are afraid that your loved ones will not share them. In the evening, do not expect sexual pleasures because of your own insecurity and lack of desire for intimacy.


You tend to earn and help everyone in need, but do it in moderation. Don’t be generous if you don’t deserve it. It is good to listen to the advice of friends and colleagues. Don’t be angry about useful criticism, because luck is not on your side in the workplace. Do not be extreme in your statements. In the evening, give your time to your family and your loved one. Experience pleasant romantic moments. Stabilize your relationship at home. Be sure to share your feelings and indulge in the sexual experiences you both want.


You know what you want to achieve, even though you have doubts about your rights and you are not filled with a desire to work actively. Your distraction at work can lead to serious mistakes and omissions that are difficult to deal with. Postpone business meetings and conversations if you are not prepared with your requests and ideas to present to your future and current partners. Do not give up the romantic date you have arranged, because if you are not married, it is an opportunity for a serious partnership. Lovers can announce their engagement, and families can indulge in unforgettable sexual pleasures, even if they are tired.


You run the risk of falling into the power of new acquaintances giving you unrealistic promises. If you are deceived, you can complicate your life not only at work, but also at home. There is a danger of financial loss. Try to politely distance yourself from all your acquaintances and colleagues whom you do not trust. Love meetings outside the family will only bring you disappointments in your personal life. I do not advise you to have conversations with your loved one and to clarify your relationship. You will not succeed. Don’t expect sexual pleasures because your intimate partner is not set up for that at all.


Despite the difficulties, you are successfully dealing with your routine duties. You do great in the workplace. The ability to overcome obstacles without effort will impress your colleagues and will want to help them. Postpone business communication on the right day as well. It will not be successful. Accept only those appointments that you have planned and require you to end conversations that have already begun. Trouble is related to separation due to infidelity. Beware of gossip and intrigue that create additional problems. Beware of sexual intercourse caused by physical attraction, because if you are married it will lead to separation.


You feel calm and overconfident at work. However, do not set a new beginning, which will lead to problems leading to irreversible consequences and financial losses. Think about who it is time to clarify your relationship with and do so without worry. In business meetings, be moderate and be careful with your talk. Your intimate partner is happy because he finds in you the security of feelings and gets rid of worries and problems. In the evening you will experience the desired happiness, which you did not even hope for and unforgettable sexual moments.


Gradually you forget about your worries. You easily master new and unusual knowledge. Do only your usual work. Don’t start important new tasks. Stabilize what has been achieved. Whether you will enjoy a harmonious relationship with your colleagues is up to you. Your feelings are shared and harmonious. Try to create a pleasant intimate atmosphere and be alone with your loved ones. In the evening, expect to be surprised with a proposal for an intimate meeting and sexual experiences. If you are married – do not cheat.


In the morning you will be angry because of your relatives, who have come to you uninvited as guests and want to deal with their problems at all costs. In the afternoon, prepare and coordinate financial documents with your colleagues. You are facing property divisions and problems with your relatives. Remember that if the restrictions have fallen and life is going as usual, in the evening you promised to be with your spouse or intimate partner and go to a restaurant or party. When you get home, indulge in unforgettable sexual moments.


Manifestations of aggression, ambition and incorrect assessment of what is happening will cause conflicts in the workplace and in your personal life. Be careful and cautious. Don’t just think about your career. Do not interfere in any disputes between your colleagues, because they will blame you. If you are angry, do not allow aggression towards your family and especially towards your intimate partner. The distance may be long. Do not expect reciprocity in intimate relationships. Sex will not be desired by a loved one. Do not look for sexual partners outside your home.


You will be disappointed with your relationship with your colleagues and friends. Today you realize that they are different from your ideas, even though you have helped them a lot. You feel used and hurt. You have no desire to cope with your obligations. If you are offered a trip, do not refuse. Do not run away from new acquaintances, which can turn into a romantic relationship for single people. Family women should not cheat. To indulge in sexual pleasures, and single people to judge whether they are confident in their feelings.


In the morning you will realize that your personal relationship is about to fall apart. Get to work to forget the painful thoughts. In the workplace, you are aggressive and tactless, ready to vent your anger on your colleagues who are not to blame for your problems. Take on your responsibilities and keep quiet, instead of constantly flooding them with criticism. Do not create a precondition for a scandal with your loved one because of your unwillingness to go to a restaurant and then retire to your home. Create a good mood at home, with a romantic dinner for two, and then do not miss the sexual pleasures.


You are changeable and tend to delve into unnecessary details that make others nervous. They are an obstacle to being perfect in your work. If you miss the deadlines for completing the set tasks, you will seriously harm yourself. Beginnings are successful if you weigh both the possible benefits and the possible failures. Complications in the family may be complicated, so be especially careful with your loved ones. Do not question their feelings. Stay at home and calm down after a busy day. If you intend to clarify your relationship, you better give up sex, because it will be filled with unpleasant moments.

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