Levski may again have a temporary version of the coaching post


It is still not clear how the sports and technical situation in Levski will develop, but Gerena are ready with an option in case of leaving the coaching staff of Petar Hubchev, claims “24 hours”.

Georgi Todorov will replace him by the end of the season. He is well acquainted with the work, having been part of the team’s school for years.

At the end of last season, he finished the campaign after replacing Georgi Dermendzhiev. With the 1-0 victory over Etar in the barrage, Todorov brought Levski a quota for the Europa League.

In the spring of 2003, Georgi Todorov replaced Slavolyub Muslin as coach and won the Bulgarian Cup with the Blues.

Levski is already training in full force

Holmar Ejolfsson resumed classes

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