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Levski addressed their fans on the occasion of the upcoming May 24 birthday of the club. The Blues are 106 years old.

“Levski, on Sunday we will count 106 years since the spring of 1914. From that warm May day on May 24, when something special happened near the” Mound “in Sofia. From the moment when the boys known as the” Sixth Team “, create a football club that in the coming years will bring together the love of young and old.

Today, the most beloved club in Bulgaria continues its battle thanks to each of you. Thanks to all who once again proved their historical significance and extended a hand to their club in one of the most difficult moments in its history!

We won’t be able to get together on Sunday! We will not be able to be side by side at the stadium! We will not have the opportunity to organize a celebration commemorating the centuries-old history of the team! Matches, concerts and festive events will wait a little longer, but we believe that they will come again at the right moment when we can be together!

For May 24, however, we are preparing something special to thank you once again! It will be broadcast at 7.14 pm on our official Facebook page!

Thank you! “, Reads the website of Levski.

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