Levski greeted the “blue” fans with a special video at 19:14


The management of Levski continued with the pleasant surprises for their fans on the day when their favorite club turns 106 years old.

Exactly at 19:14, on the official page of the team on Facebook, the “blues” posted a video, which was a special greeting for all those who, according to them, kindle the fire of Levski.

The project is an idea of ​​Ivaylo Tsvetkov-Noisy and was shot by famous film director Lachezar Avramov, with the help of Dimitar Stoyanovich. All three are hereditary Levski players and created the video for free.

“In order for Levski not to remain just a story, let’s think and act today before it’s too late,” reads the strongest fragment of the short but emotional video.

Stefan Abadjiev: Even today it has been proven that the spirit in Levski still lives

“I wish everyone to do what they love”

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