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Mrs. Ollongren,

I was shocked by that return interview with you in AD yesterday.

You said that during your illness you learned how important work is to you. β€œI am not a complete person without a job. That makes me quite unhappy. So I am very happy to be back at work. ”

Suddenly I realized: we are not finished yet.

It continues!

If you were an ICU nurse, that would of course be fantastic for the country.

But you are not.

Your mission is not to save lives, your mission is to destroy democracy.

You have built up an impressive CV in that area.

Perhaps there were people who saw the abolition of the referendum as the crowning glory of your work.

They showed you last week that they really underestimate you.

In a letter to President of the House Khadija Arib, you wrote on Friday that you will have an investigation carried out into the consequences of the corona crisis on the elections to the House of Representatives of March 17, 2021.

The letter mainly concerned the design of the polling stations and the possibility of “letter voting”.

But you wrote also: β€œIn my opinion there is currently no reason whatsoever to assume that organizing the upcoming elections will not be possible. The question whether one of the forthcoming elections should be postponed is therefore not an issue now. ”


Look, then everyone who thinks it is a good idea that voters determine how many seats parties in the House of Representatives have to sound all the alarm bells.

This is the beginning.

You have put the subject on the agenda.

You say that there is “no reason at this time” to think that the elections will be canceled.

You announce a three-month investigation.

That investigation may just “show” that “in this crisis situation” it is better not to let the elections go through.

Subsequently, during a debate on postponement of the elections of 17 March 2021, Martin Bosma of the PVV in the House of Representatives explains for the umpteenth time that you a democracy hater columnists appear some annoying pieces about you and will the Dutch population, whether or not indoctrinated by the officials of the State broadcasters and the lackeys at the newspapers, also take this again.

You make of it tame sheep no wolves.



PS. Despite the fact that I think you are a despicable person, I still have bought a little something for you. Then you can finish the job quickly.

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