Less than 2% of Danes have been infected with the coronavirus


A government agency monitoring the spread of the coronavirus in Denmark said preliminary results put between 0.5 and 1.8 percent of the country’s nearly six million people infected, the Associated Press reported.

The State Serum Institute said the numbers, based on antibody tests done on 2,600 randomly selected residents of five Danish cities, should be “interpreted very carefully”.

“Moreover, whether the numbers can be valid for the entire Danish population can also be influenced by the willingness or unwillingness of groups with different patterns of infection to accept testing,” said Steen Ethelberg, who led the institute’s team. the study.

Ethelberg added that the results were “the first part of the gradual announcement of the study”, and additional results are expected in the coming weeks.

He pointed out that in order to get a complete picture, 6,000 people out of a total of 5.8 million Danes must be surveyed in order to achieve the desired accuracy throughout the country.

Citing the institute’s report, which was provided only to lawmakers, Danish media suggested that the epidemic in the country may be weakening.

Denmark has ordered quarantine on 11 March and has been slowly regaining its normal routine in recent weeks. Museums and cinemas have reopened, and hospitals are limiting the size of coronavirus treatment wards.

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