Lesbos Refugees: Fear of Coronavirus? There are knife attacks here!


The “forgotten” refugees in the camp “Moria” on the Greek island of Lesbos only shake their heads when asked whether they are afraid of a coronavirus outbreak.Is it fear? I was scared when we almost drowned on the boat at sea. I am afraid of those who attack with knives“, answers 14-year-old Ahmed from Afghanistan.

After a storm hit the Greek island, the tents were destroyed by the wind, reports the German edition “Bild”. “Even before Kovid-19, no one cared about us, but now we are completely indifferent to the European Union,” said a woman who has to renovate her home.

Social distancing, which is one of the restrictive measures for the coronavirus epidemic, is absolutely impossible to implement in “MoriaIn the camp, access to water is limited, and one toilet is used by 210 people, while one shower – 630.

Violence also reigns in the refugee center – hostile groups are attacked almost every night. Last week, a 23-year-old woman died after a knife attack, and since January there have been 13 seriously injured and 4 killed after similar incidents.


Here we have much bigger problems than the coronavirus, we have no security. Every night men get drunk and fight and knife attacks follow. After 9 pm, women cannot even go to the toilet because it is not safe“, said Sianer of Iraq.

Christos Lazaridis of the Greek Refugee’s communications unit is calling for faster procedures. “We need a division of responsibilities between EU member states, we need faster and fairer procedures for the integration of the people who stay with us,” he appealed.

Photo: BGNES

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