Lauda closes home base, fires staff


Austrian company Lauda has announced that it will close its home base in Vienna next week, on May 29. The closure will entail the loss of 300 jobs.


The reason for the closure of the base is the failed collective bargaining negotiations between society and the union “Vida”. The new collective labor agreement would bring a cut in salary, which the union was opposed to as it would hit a number of employees hard.


What played a part in the decision to close the base was the policy of the Austrian government. Lauda was unable to receive state aid such as, for example, Austrian Airlines, which received approximately EUR 800 million.


Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair, the parent company of Lauda, ​​said earlier this month that closing the base in Vienna was being considered. To maintain the network, the Lauda routes would be taken over by Ryanair. Whether this will actually happen is still unknown.


The closure of the Lauda base in Vienna means that the Austrian budget flyer will no longer be seen in the Netherlands. Lauda maintained a route between Eindhoven and Vienna with an Airbus A320.


The closure of the Viennese base of Lauda means that the Austrian company no longer has a place of employment in Austria. The company still has hubs in Düsseldorf, Palma de Mallorca, Stuttgart and Zadar.

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