Latest data on newly infected people around the world! The United States and Brazil remain in the lead


124,103 are newly infected in the world during the last 24 hours. The United States and Brazil continue to lead in both total and daily numbers.

In the United States, 23,290 people tested positive, and in Brazil – 30,000. Russia – 9,000.

France -1828, Spain – 644. In the last two countries, equalization and adjustment was made in a few days, so the figures are higher.

In England – 1604 people are infected.

In other European countries, there are less than 1,000 newly infected.

894 – Belarus

637 – Sweden

The Balkans

Turkey – 983

Romania-1 50

Macedonia – 35

Serbia – 27

Albania- 32

Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina are under 10.

A doctor and her 4-year-old child were infected with COVID-19A 64-year-old woman died in Sliven

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