Last test before a historic SpaceX mission


The United States and SpaceX have successfully tested the Falcon-9 rocket, which will launch people into orbit aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft on May 27. The mission will be historic, as American rockets have not been fired by US astronauts since 2011. The manned program of the American shuttles was interrupted after two fatal incidents, and for almost 10 years NASA used the services of Roscosmos to send people into space.

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Bob Benken and Doug Hurley are the astronauts who will take off aboard the SpaceX spacecraft from Florida. Before the flight, NASA and SpaceX performed a “static test”. All the systems of the rocket were tested with it, and its engine was started. All tests have passed successfully.

SpaceX has already carried out a test unmanned mission to the ISS called “Demo-1”. The name of the current mission is “Demo-2”.

Tests of the electronics and control systems of the rocket and the spacecraft are also scheduled for May 24 and 25.

NASA wants to be sure that it will not fail during its historic return to space from home.

Meanwhile, the US space agency has asked people not to gather and watch the takeoff because of the danger of Covid-19. The launch will be broadcast live on the Internet.

It is not yet clear how long the mission of the two astronauts, who will remain indefinitely on the International Space Station, will last. It is known that the landing will take place in the ocean – a softer but risky option compared to the landing of the Soyuz capsules.

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