Lal’s characters come to life Mohanlal turns 60: CM Pinarayi vijayan


Thiruvananthapuram: .

 Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan says that Mohanlal is an extraordinary talent who has proved his excellence in acting.

He has gained an everlasting place in the minds of audiences through hundreds of characters. The characters are rich and alive. Whatever the type of character, Lal will have his own contribution. The character will fill the audience with emotion, form and sound. It is this exceptionalism that makes Mohanlal a beloved actor in Malayalam.

Lal is also interested in helping his fellowmen in times of danger. 50 lakh donated to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. He was willing to help in the same way during the flood. The Chief Minister said on Facebook that he could achieve higher heights in the performing arts and wish him all the best in life during the Sasthipuram phase.

Pervasive access to characters

Culture Minister AK Gopalakrishnan on his birthday wishes Mohanlal had a memorable performance in Malayalam cinema for over four decades. Said the boy. His acting is like a scourge of characters. Really intriguing storytelling. The minister also said that he is shining in the personal and social life.

Greetings Chennithala and Mullappally

Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala and Mohanlal President Mullappally Ramachandran also wished him a happy birthday. The duo wished Mohanlal, who had been an integral part of Malayalam cinema for more than four decades, more capable characters.

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